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Prior to 2010, hole 17 at Shilo Country Club was a par 4 and the course a par 71. During this time there were many impressive rounds including a course record 66 by Dale Coulter and a 29 on the back nine (par 35) by Bill Ratt. These records were all shot with multiple playing partners attesting to the scores shot. In late 2010 renovations to hole 17 was completed making it a par 5 and the course a par 72. Since then there have been a few scores of 68 shot on the par 72 version of the course by Kevin Kotyk, Rob Hall and Brett Boschman. In tournament play, the course has shown its teeth and the official course record (a round shot in tournament play) was set in 2011 by Nolan Tutkaluk with a 73.

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